From Lisbon to Genoa, Athens to the Arctic, Black Trail is an investigation into the shipping industry’s efforts to hide from climate crisis.

Black Trail is a cross-border documentary and written project by journalists at the The Black Sea and Expresso, Reporters United (Greece), RTS (Switzerland) and VG (Norway), co-produced by SIC TV (Portugal), with research support from Financed Uncovered (UK). 2021



Sota el Port està el Litoral is a short documentary about inhabitants’ struggle against the expansion of the Port of Valencia, Spain.  

Produced by the committee Ciutat-Port – a social platform that includes more than 100 local organisations. 2021


Gehavend – Doel is a documentary about a town that was threaten to be erased for making space to the expansion of the Port of Antwerp. The town has been evicted – but some residents resisted.  The struggle for protecting Doel is still alive.

Direction: Martijn Veerman. 2020

A Tornallom – is a documentary about the struggle of the inhabitants of La Punta, Valencia, Spain.  It narrates the destruction of ‘l’horta’, an area of particular social and agricultural value, and the displacement of the local inhabitants caused by the planned expansion of the port.

Direction: Enric Peris & videohackers; Creative Commons License. 2002